10 Simple (and Affordable) Ways to Make or Save Money With Your Spare Room

Got an extra bedroom you suddenly need to fill? Maybe the kids moved out, you lost a roommate you don’t want to replace, or you just wanted to live in this building — and two-bedrooms were the only units available. Don’t let it become the dreaded storeroom! You don’t need that much extra junk you […]

These Genius Tricks Will Save You Up to 20% at Bed Bath & Beyond

One store that can really get me into trouble? Bed Bath & Beyond. Its aisles are full of everything I didn’t know I needed: cookware with mysterious purposes, candles of all scents — even hair-care tools that will make my locks look like a golden waterfall glistening in the sunlight. Supposedly. All of this is […]

PayPal Wants to Help You Invest Money Every Time You Shop Online

You’re familiar with PayPal. Heck, there’s a good chance you’ve used it if you’ve ever bought anything online. After all, the huge digital-payments platform has nearly 220 million active users, according to the Wall Street Journal With PayPal, you can send or receive money in 25 different currencies. You can buy a blender on eBay, […]