This Mom Bet on Her Weight-Loss Goals. Here’s How She Could Win $1,300

Somewhere between starting a sedentary desk job, taking classes toward her bachelor’s degree, raising her now 8-year-old son and facing a contentious divorce, Marcie Hagner lost track of herself — and her weight. In October 2012, she remembers stepping on the scale and seeing the number 195. “It was still 25 pounds more than where […]

9 Creative Ways to Pay Rent When You Don’t Have Anymore Plasma to Sell

Rent’s due. Cue anxious scrambling. You riffle through old birthday cards; maybe there’s a stray $10 bill in one? You offer to pet-sit any and every critter in your neighborhood (even the squirrels). You see what you can do for $5 on Craigslist. You stare into your closet and wonder what your local consignment store […]

Here’s a Wine Snob’s Honest Opinion on Winc’s Wine Subscription

If you asked me to describe my version of heaven, “excellent wine” would be among the first words you’d hear. Excellent wine delivered right to my doorstep at below-retail prices? I honestly couldn’t have dreamed up such opulence unaided. And yet, we live in a world where that level of extravagance isn’t just available; it’s […]

Here’s Exactly How This “Bad Saver” Put Away $4,300 Without Thinking About It

In the past two and a half years, Matt Wiley, a self-described “Bad Saver,” has managed to save $4,300. “It feels weird saying ‘I saved,’ because I really didn’t do anything,” he says. Despite being an editor at The Penny Hoarder, Wiley admits he’s never been good at putting money away. “When I was a […]