9 Creative Ways to Pay Rent When You Don’t Have Anymore Plasma to Sell

Rent’s due. Cue anxious scrambling. You riffle through old birthday cards; maybe there’s a stray $10 bill in one? You offer to pet-sit any and every critter in your neighborhood (even the squirrels). You see what you can do for $5 on Craigslist. You stare into your closet and wonder what your local consignment store […]

This Mom Charges Her 5-Year-Old “Rent” — and the Internet Is Freaking Out

When it comes to teaching kids about money, many financial experts agree it’s good to start early. But, with parenting approaches varying widely, it’s difficult to say exactly what a child should know about money and when. On Sunday, Essence Evans took to Facebook to share how she makes her 5-year-old daughter “pay rent.” Essence […]

Cell Service for $20/Month? We Have Some Questions for This Discount Carrier

Like everyone else, I’m attached to my phone. So you’d think I’d be fairly attached to my provider. You know: the entity that allows me to mindlessly scroll Instagram, listen to true-crime podcasts and annoy my boyfriend via text 24/7. But I’m not. In fact, I hate it. Of course I’m going to tell you […]