Here’s Exactly How This “Bad Saver” Put Away $4,300 Without Thinking About It

In the past two and a half years, Matt Wiley, a self-described “Bad Saver,” has managed to save $4,300. “It feels weird saying ‘I saved,’ because I really didn’t do anything,” he says. Despite being an editor at The Penny Hoarder, Wiley admits he’s never been good at putting money away. “When I was a […]

Wells Fargo Billing Glitch Reminds Us to Keep a Close Eye on Online Banking

In 2018 — a modern age of contactless payments, instant peer-to-peer money transfers and whatever we’re supposed to be doing with bitcoin — online banking still has a major hurdle to leap: glitches. Some Wells Fargo customers discovered Jan. 17 that recent payments made through the bank’s online bill payment system had been deducted twice. […]

Cell Service for $20/Month? We Have Some Questions for This Discount Carrier

Like everyone else, I’m attached to my phone. So you’d think I’d be fairly attached to my provider. You know: the entity that allows me to mindlessly scroll Instagram, listen to true-crime podcasts and annoy my boyfriend via text 24/7. But I’m not. In fact, I hate it. Of course I’m going to tell you […]