Remove MS-Word Restrict Editing

Remove Restrict Editing from Word with or without Password

  • Tested with Word 2010 and 2013 at the time of this writing.
  • Open the file you want the ‘Restriction’ removed from with MS-Word.
  • Then Click File > Save As > choose Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
  • Select “File” > “Close
  • Open the newly saved file with Notepad 
  • Press CTRL-F  to Search and type  passwordhash
  • Click  Find Next 
  • Change the word passwordhash to hashpassword 
  • Save the file and Close Notepad
  • Re-open file you just saved.
  • Click the Review ribbon > Click Restrict Editing  > when the screen opens, uncheck all checked boxes. Click Stop Protection.
    **Sometimes the option to STOP PROTECTION is already unchecked because the password was changed.
  • Click File > Save As > revert the file format back to (*.docx) (*.doc)

That’s it!